Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A trip to the Hills with the Girls....

I've been terrible at blogging...the sunshine keeps dragging me outside!!  
I had the Wonderful pleasure of meeting up with some girl-friends on mine from college for a weekend get-a-way to a cabin in the Hills of Hocking County.  Erin and I (of course) stopped by thee ole' mother-ship (aka-trailer we rented in college) and seemed to find it in worse shape than we had expected.  Although, we did live there ten years ago!

 And, of course a trip to Nelsonville is NEVER complete without a trip to The Mine Tavern.  I was a bartender here so it was super fun to go back and see how things have not changed there...not even the locals!  I was shocked to walk in and find old friends tending bar-last time I was there...I was serving them alcohol.

After our quick stop at the Mine, we headed on down the rainy, curvy roads that lead us to the cabin.  The rainbow had both of us girls excited since it was a "sure sign" we were going to have a great time!

It's crazy how so much can change but how so much still stays the same!
I had a blast catching up on old times and reminiscing with long lost friends.

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the Eggernest said...

just seeing this post, I've somehow missed it!! Looks like so much fun. I'm not any good at keeping in touch with any girlfriends, so maybe a 10 year thing is well suited for someone like me. LOL. Looks like fun!!