Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh, the signs of SPRING!!! YAY!
We just got back from a week long vacation to South Dakota (my annual trip out to spend St. Patrick's Day with my Irish brothers) to beautiful signs of spring!
I am so excited about spring now that we spent the last 2 days of vacation doing yard work, tilling flower beds, fertilizing the yard and planting seeds and flowers!
South Dakota pics can wait for a bit!

I've got three rose plants along side the house, one climbing rose and two rose bushes-can't wait to see the blooms this summer! We had roses last year late into the fall-if I remember right, they were blooming up until Thanksgiving time!

Our Bradford Pear tree in the front yard is blooming, and if you're familiar at all with Louisville, these trees are EVERYWHERE! The blooms are very pretty and I'm happy to see it doing so well after the hard winter ice storm we had!

Okay, so I realize I'm WAY's some pictures from our Crazy Ice Storm we had this winter that caused the state of Kentucky to be declared a "State of Emergency"!
Here's Kevin w/ the neighbor girls-shoveling snow and drinking some Rolling Rock!
Bryce making a Snow Angel...
The trees across the street, looked like an ice tornado went through.
The tree in our front yard...
Icicles handing from the gutter...
Ice storms can be so beautiful-but scary all at the same time.
Close-up of some frozen leaves.
Pretty tree along our walk through the cemetary.

The grill-go figure, we don't have a cover!!