Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We received our first wedding present within hours of eloping! Our neighbor across the street was out mowing his yard when we broke the news to him and his wife, and jokingly we pointed to our grass (needing mowed!). Before we knew it, he was mowing our yard. Notice the thumbs up? He says "this is your wedding present"!

The neighbors thought we were crazy as we were spending our "wedding day" working on the house! We pulled all the shutters off and put up a Star! Now all we're waiting for is a hard rain to wash away the dust that has accumulated under the shutters throughout all the years they've been attached to the house!!
For the few of you who saw the house before some transformations...this picture is from when I looked at the house for the first time! Notice the shutters (faded green) and the ugly electric flower bed lighting. All Gone...Thank Goodness, those things were hideous!

Now, finally, our house doesn't look as similar to all the other houses in the state of Kentucky!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


She actually loves the water!
The Painting of the Kitchen Wall!
Kevin getting the primer ready
Primer for color!
Okay, so maybe break time instead!!
The Blue Wall!
(any idea where to find Bluberi Kitchen Decor?!)
If only you could see it now...way better after a couple coats of paint!

After a long day of yard work and playing ball with the dogs, we were hungry and ready to relax and enjoy a perfect sunset!!

The sunset was gorgeous!

The dogs were dying to come in for dinner with us!

A few of our projects we've done around the house!!
The Artman Parents were here for a couple of days and helped us plant tomatoes and move around some rose plants in the flower beds!
Nothing quite like digging a hole in rock and clay filled earth!!

Kevin and his dad digging the hole!

This is how they started, then were moved to the ground..

>Our Big Back Yard!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Tungsten Rings
Look How Happy We Are!!

Brandon, the Carriage Guy
The exchanging of vows took place on the carriage!!
After we were wed, we enjoyed lunch at the Talbot Tavern!
The Horse and Carriage
The Around the Town Carriage!