Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Henery-Curtis Wedding!

It was the Perfect Setting for the Perfect Evening:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Maker's Mark Run

So we knew about the bourbon distilleries around the area but hadn't visited any of them until Tuesday Aug 26th. Our great neighbors Mark and Crystal took us down to the Maker's Mark Whisky distillery. Its located in Loretto near Bardstown, Kentucky. Without further ado, here are the pictures!

The shutters on all the buildings and warehouses were red and had the Maker's Mark bottle outlined in them. It looked really sweet!

This is one of the warehouses where they store 4000 barrels of bourbon whisky. It was the smallest warehouse on the property. All the rest of them store 20,000 barrels!!

Look! The cutest couple on the planet!
(And yes I am wearing one of my favorites shirts! lol)

One of 2 white massive tubs where the unfiltered bourbon whisky is stored.

Normally people on the tour could go right up and see the bourbon whisky flowing but they were painting so we couldn't. :-( But one good thing is we live real close so I'm sure we'll go again soon lol
One of the coolest things on the tour was the bottling process. This is the assembly line where the whisky is poured into the bottles, labels attached and most important: the famous red wax that seals the whole thing!

The workers that do the wax dipping do 23 bottles a minute!!
Finally before we left, we got a chance to dip our own bottles. Both of us decided to be unselfish and get gifts for other people. Here are two pics of us dipping our own bottles!

All in all, I think this is definitely one of the best bourbons on the market. Besides the fact that it is primarily made of corn instead of wheat(only 5 bourbons in the world do this), it is really good tasting bourbon whisky! Until next time!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Last visit before the move!

Molly's very last visit to Florida...we enjoyed the sun and the pool!

And enjoyed drinks and pizza with our friends Linzi and Edward at Old Chicago!

Cincinnati Zoo Trip

In July we took a trip to Ohio for Erin & Ken's wedding. On the way home we stopped at the Cincinnati Zoo. We instantly fell in love with a Polar Bear who was enjoying his swimming pool (on a very hot day)!

Our next stop was the bird sanctuary..

I was a fortunate recipient of a present from one of the birds very shortly after taking this picture. I was POOPED on! The lovely bird pooped all down the front of me and all over my camera....and go figure the girl who was working there had no paper towels, you would assume this sort of thing happens ALL the time, but no. So, off Kevin goes in search of paper towels to wipe me down. And yes, we walked around for the rest of the day as the poop dried on my shirt...I was a good sport! Ha!

The flowers all around the zoo were very pretty!

It was too Hot for the Lions to be up and about so they were enjoying a sun bath on their platform. We were lucky enough to see this guy "Roar"!!

The Gorilla's were highly entertaining. All the Baby wanted was to run around and have some fun but it seemed as though no one was interested!!

Can you see his little tongue? He was drinking from the waterfall!

And then of course, we were home bound (with a Donato's Pizza in hand! YUM!)

In The Beginning.....

Cinco de Mayo '08
(before the story even began)